- All our mouthguards are hand-made by the technicians in our lab, who are General Dental Council registered. 

- Every Titan Mouthguard comes with your name embossed on the inside of it. 

- Every one of our mouthguards hold a CE mark on it's side. This is a result of a strict testing procedure that has to be carried out on all mouthguards that are sold in the UK. For more information on this please contact us. 

- Want something wacky? We can put badges and crests on if you'd like, just email us at: info@titanmouthguards.co.uk

School & Club Fittings - Supervised Impression Sessions 

Dental technicians or Lay Persons are neither indemnified nor qualified to consult with adults over advice on mouthguards and especially children's oral inspections and diagnosis. They are not allowed to make physical contact with any individual's mouth. None of our staff ever have the need to touch an individual in any way; the self-impression system is simply supervised. It is entirely up to the parent or child to decide whether they need to wear a mouthguard. As this is not a compulsory requirement in some sports, Titan Mouthguards may not stipulate that a mouthguard must be worn. We can only recommend that one be used in the sport as a protective measure. 

We do not consult with adults or children in a manner whereby we offer any advice that may harm or cause damage to the patients' mouths or even contradict any information given by a dentist. We are purely offering a preventative product that will help in the protection of a player's mouth, teeth and gums in the event of a collision. We provide our products on the understanding that the player's teeth are already in a good state of repair and we would not advise anyone with any current or foreseeable oral problems to have a Titan Mouthguard. Our terms and conditions state that such a person must consult their Dentist.